Monday, January 25, 2010

Super slow Monday

I saw the SO off early and then tried a super slow LHT workout similar to Doug McGuff's Body by Science type of workout. It would have been optimal to use weight machines, but the free weights worked fine. This was my first time attempting this kind of workout, and I learned a lot.

I confirmed what I already thought, that it would give quite a burn in not much time. I learned that it looks easier than it actually is to perform the exercises super slow, with good form, and keep track of repetitions and time under load (TUL). I did each exercise for the number of reps and TUL noted and took just enough time to get to the next exercise and begin (as it turns out, less than a minute according to the math).

I'll make some adjustments next time but for now, here's the deal.
  • Jumping jacks - 60 s (warm up)
  • Biceps curls - 22 reps, TUL = 4:11, 2-20 lb dumbells
  • Shoulder press - 10 reps, TUL = 2:25, 2-20 lb dumbells
  • Squats - 20 reps, TUL = 3:43, 70 lb barbell
  • Bent -over rows - ~ 16 reps (lost count), TUL = 2:49, 2-15 lb dumbells
  • Bench press - 7 reps (that's it!!), TUL = 1:36, 70 lb barbell
  • Total TUL = 14:44
This was all done, from start to finish, in 20 minutes. I hope I can move tomorrow! Next time I have to move even slower to get more burn with fewer reps. Either that or up the weight, or both.

Later on the dogs and I took the kids to school and went for a nice, slow ~ 3 km walk in about 50 minutes. It was nice and brisk at - 17 C. I think I need another one tonight. Or not. Tomorrow is either and easy swim (tender arms!), sprints, or perhaps I'll just crawl to the van to drag my carcass to my lecture and hope I don't seize up in the process!

Here is a neat picture I snapped in our back yard a few days ago after some cool frost action.

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