Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Duathalon" Tuesday

The weather has been outstanding lately with lows of about -5C and daytime highs of about 0-5C, perfect for walking. The dogs and I went for a 35 minute walk yesterday morning before the sprint session and the SO took them again last night for about the same so they are getting seriously spoiled.

Today, I did a "Duathalon" of sorts, but this one involved walking with the dogs this morning (about 35 minutes), swimming at lunch (about 1 km in a little over 22 minutes - I took it 'easy' but it wasn't easy, if you know what I mean) and then the dogs and I wandered around for a little more than a 50 minute walk tonight. My shoulders are a little tender, most recently from the swimming, so I think that there may be no LHT or HIIT workout tomorrow if the shoulders continue to feel like this tomorrow. I'll just have to see how I feel tomorrow. This was definitely a "Move Slowly" kind of day, to paraphrase Mark Sisson.

I should get some work done before hitting the hay. Or perhaps I should just go to sleep, perchance to dream...they say getting a good sleep makes you smart(er). I think I can use some more 'smart' in my life.

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