Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Olympic torch relay day

The torch relay came through St. Albert today and the kids and I were downtown to check it out. It was quite cool, and luckily, not too cold (about -6 C) given that we were outside for about 2.5 hours. Here are some shots of the torch including former Olympian Tim Barret who competed, if I am not mistaken, in 4 games in race walk.

The dogs and I had a short 20ish minute walk in the morning and one at night. I resisted the temptation to lift, practice yoga, or any other form of strenuous activity and instead took it quite easy and just had a great day and soaked in the atmosphere. The question now is what to do tomorrow. Yoga? Swim? LHT/HIIT? None of the above? Who knows - I'll decide tomorrow.

Back-tracking follow up: Here is another fantastic sunrise on our way to school. I had to add it.

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