Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At home and with child

Not really "with" in the reproductive sense, but rather at home with my sick daughter #2. Spent the day doing all manner of catch up work (office and home varieties). I threw together a LHT/HIIT workout just before I received Body By Science...it was a bit of a mixture, but effective, I reckon. According to what I have read of the book thus far, this will be my last intense LHT/HIIT WO until next week. Let's hope yoga isn't too tough tomorrow!

Here's the deal.
  • Prisoner squats - 60 s
  • Lunge jumps - 60 s
  • Wall sit - 60 s
  • Plank - unilateral each leg once then normal - 60 s per leg with ~ 20 s while switching poses
  • Tree - ~ 30 each side (thought I had better prep for yoga tomorrow!)
  • "Large muscle lunatic combo" were all done with a 70 lb barbell consecutively - bent over row (10), deadlifts (10), squats (10), calf raises (10), squats (10), deadlifts (10), bent over rows (10)
That all was more than enough and all done in less than 15 minutes. My arms feel it tonight typing this post. The dogs and I also managed a 35ish minute walk picking up daughter #1 (we took the long way to the school).

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