Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday LHT (Lift Heavy Things) workout

I am trying to get into a routine but seem to be a day behind. This is my Sunday LHT workout completed in under 20 minutes. I have been focusing on movements that use a combination of muscle groups.

Here it is.

Deadlift - Curl - Should press: 2 X 10 (20 lb, 25 lb dumbbells)

Bent over Row: 3 X 10 (70 lb barbell)

Weighted Chop: 10 each side X 3 (15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb dumbbell)

Power - Clean - Shoulder Press: 3 X 5 (25 lb dumbbells)

Plank (Yoga pose): 60 s

This was all done in ~ 14 minutes total, with little (~ 20-30 s) rest between each set and exercise.

I also had about 60+ minutes of walking with the kids and dogs (X-C skiing for the kids at the local park) and then just the dogs (45 min). It was a great day to be out (about -15 C).

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  1. You know you live in Canada when you consider -15 as a "great day to be out"...