Monday, February 1, 2010

Heavy lifting

The weekend was relaxing on the exercise front. I did a few chin ups (5 reps then 2, 2, 3, 2 - fail; 3 more later for fun!) on the new chin up bar on Saturday while I was doing some minor renos so that it would install properly. The dogs and I went for almost an hour-long walk yesterday and another 35 minute plus walk this morning.

This morning I did my second TUL- Body By Science free weight workout. I think I am getting the hang of this now. I read further in the book and came upon the "Big 5 for Free Weights" work out.

Here's the deal:
  • 60 s jumping jacks to warm up
  • stretching
  • bent over row - X 11 or 12, TUL = 1:50, 70 lb barbell
  • standing overhead barbell press - X 6, TUL = 1:18, 70 lb barbell
  • deadlift - X 13, TUL = 2:22, 70 lb barbell
  • bench press - X 5, TUL = ??? (forgot to write it in my book - crap!), 90 lb barbell
  • squats - X 10, TUL = 1:42, 90 lb barbell
I am plus or minus a rep for all exercises as I find it hard to count, breathe, and keep my form under the heavy load. I didn't realize until just now that I forgot to record my TUL for bench press! I started lifting at 6:16 am and ended at 6:29 am. Given this and the number of reps that I did for bench (only 5) I estimate that my TUL for this was about 1:00 give or take (about 10 seconds per rep, 5 s up and 5 s down, nice and slow). Apparently keeping track of reps and TUL is just as challenging as the workout! I would put my total TUL at about 8-9 minutes, taking just enough time to get the bar and weights adjusted for the next exercise. This workout was much better than last Monday. It was slower, more controlled, with more appropriately challenging weight and definitely lead to shaking of muscles and fatigue. I'll need more weight on the deadlifts next week to get the TUL under 2 minutes. And to keep track of reps and TUL for everything!

I think I'll do my sprinting tomorrow at the University's indoor track. I am unclear whether I'll use my orthotics in my running shoes or not. I used them the once this year but not the last two times. I like the feel not using them during the workout as I feel more connected with the track, but I wonder if my slight left heel pain is from sprinting without them. I think it is a trade off between some (now small) amount of pain and strengthening my arches, because while using the orthotics "protects" my arches and plantar fascia, they also don't likely help to strengthen them. Perhaps I'll use them tomorrow and see if the intermittent heel pain goes or stays.

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