Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second half of the week and weekend round up

Thursday the SO and I walked the kids and dogs to school. Later on I channelled some of daughter #1's sprinting fever and took Finaly and Libby along with the SO to the park at the kids' school for some outdoor sprinting in the snow, the first sprinting outside since last fall. .It was a great day, bright, sunny and right about +4 C.

Here's the deal:
  • walk to the park ~ 10 minutes for warm up; stretch
  • 6-7 X ~15s/~ 60 m @ 50% with about 20-30s rest between each
  • 6 X ~12s/~60 m @ 85% with about 60 s rest between the first 3 and then less between the last 3
  • walk home from the park ~ 10 minutes for cool down
Later on we walked to and from the school again to retrieve the kids.

On Friday, we (the SO and I) walked the kids to school and went for a bit more of a walk afterward (~ 25 minutes) and then I made it to the University and had a very good 1,000 m swim.

Here the swimming deal:
  • 250 yds freestyle
  • 250 kick (mostly all flutter kick, but some whip kick)
  • 350 yds pull
  • 250 yds free (a length or two of breast mixed in here)
It was pretty fair considering I am only swimming about once a week, down from the 2-3 times I used to swim.

Saturday I took it easy and just went for a walk with the SO of about 25 minutes before the pub night fundraiser - I had more confirmation that I am not young any more, and after that little excursion, I think it is just as well!

On Sunday the dogs and I took our kids and our friends kids (who slept over) sledding at the park. Here's a shot of our very own future skeleton racer, daughter #2, literally "heading down" the hill.

Later on that afternoon I cut my rest between lifting workouts from 7 to 6 days and did my LHT/SS (Lift Heavy Things/Super Slow) workout, with a couple of twists. Instead of only doing the "Big 5" a la Body By Science, I added 2 more exercises to make it a "Big 7".

Here's the LHT/SS deal:
  • bent over row - TUL 1:06, 13 reps, 70 lb barbell
  • standing overhead press - TUL 56 s, 7.5 reps, 70 lb barbell
  • dead lift - TUL 2:00, 12 reps, 70 lb barbell
  • bench press - TUL 1:26, 12 reps, 70 lb barbell
  • squats - TUL 1:35, 14 reps, 70 lb barbell
  • curls - (a) TUL 27 s, 2.5 reps, 70 lb barbell (b) TUL 1:43, 12.5 reps, 2 X 20 lb dumbbells
  • pull ups - TUL ~ 20 s, 2.5 reps
I need to keep my form, but did a better job at it this time. I also need to start my watch before the barbell is on my shoulders for squats! For this workout I defined "failure" as when my form seriously broke down. This may not be "true" failure, but I think I will still get benefits while keeping myself safe and injury free by maintaining good form. Tomorrow, maybe I'll do some yoga in the morning.

Here's a couple of shots of my tasty brunch; a red onion, blue cheese and Hungarian salami omelette. This with a French press of my Greg Danks Burundi coffee and 18% cream was just about as close as you could get to a perfect brunch meal.

Oh, and here's a shot of Finlay watching the Canada-USA Olympic hockey game. His interest reflects the way the game went for Team Canada.

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