Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time keeps flying

Once again the week passed by in a blur. Lots happening at work and at home. I visited the kids' school twice, once to talk about my work (that seemed to go well) and once with the SO to see informational/fundraising presentations by Daughter #1's grade (very well done I must say!). Things are ramping up a bit at work with talk and poster preparations for a local conference this coming Friday and then an international conference the following week. This on top of the usual manuscript editing, lecture preparation and lecturing, midterm administration etc. All in all, running on all cylinders. At least everything seems to be going more or less as planned.

On the exercise side of things, the workouts have been pretty good, even great. The only slight hiccup this past week is that my knees are giving me a bit of a twinge here and there. Nothing major, just letting me know that they are there and that I should pay attention to them. I am not certain what is causing this but I have played around with wearing my orthotics and, for the most part as I have been doing for a while, going without them. I don't notice any difference in the knee department but I do feel like the orthotics seem to overstretch my plantar fascia.

One thing I am thinking of trying this week is to replace my LHT/TUL/SS workout using weights with a bodyweight workout, in case the weighted squats and/or deadlifts are aggravating my knees. Richard over at Free the Animal recently posted about changing up his LHT routine and the positive results that he felt. Reading this and with my knees talking to me, I figure I should give it a whirl. Not to mention that I have been on the weights for a while now, and with reducing my LHT workouts to once a week I miss the bodyweight workouts that I used to do in addition to the LHT weight workouts. I came up with a couple of bodyweight/HIIT type workouts that take between 10-15 minutes of actual exercising and will work just about every muscle group and, if history holds, will leave me out of breath and wishing I was on the weights! I'll post again to update with what specifically I use for the workout; I plan to do this tomorrow morning.Here's the week in review deal:

  • Brisk, 37 minute ~ 3 km walk 
  • 20 minute walk 
  • LHT/TUL/SS weight workout: 
  1. Bent over rows - X 12, TUL = 1:30, 70 lb barbell 
  2. Standing overhead press - X 5.5, TUL = 55 s, 70 lb barbell 
  3. Deadlifts - X 11, TUL = 1:38, 80 lb barbell 
  4. Bench press - X 6, TUL = 49 s, 100 lb barbell 
  5. Squats - X 10, TUL = 1:05, 90 lb barbell 
  • 35 minute walk 
  • 55 minute, ~ 4 km walk in morning 
  • 30 minute walk in evening 
  • 20 minute walk in morning 
  • Ashtanga Yoga (~ 50 minutes at the University) 
  • 20 minute walk to school 
  • 50 minute walk later in the morning 
  • 25 minute walk in the morning 
  • Swim - 1 km, in 21:49 
  • 20 minute then a 31 minute brisk walk in afternoon and evening 
  • 26 minute brisk walk, 2-3 km-ish 
I'll try to take some more photos and post a bit more about the various real food selections that we are indulging in over the next week. The whole week was very good nutritionally. Yesterday in particular (especially since I can remember!) was excellent, with bacon, steak and eggs for breakfast, left over turkey curry for lunch with fresh strawberries and cream for dessert. Dinner was barbecued pork chops (with homemade blueberry applesauce that most couldn't get enough of) along with carrots, parsnips and mixed green salad for dinner and strawberries and blackberries in cream for dessert! No time for pictures as I was too busy eating. Yum all day long.

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