Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Florida Fitness

I have no other good reason for not posting for over two weeks other than the fury that characterizes the end of the academic term. Throw in a conference on the other corner of the continent (Melbourne Beach, Florida - the view one morning from my balcony is above) and a reasonably successful attempt at getting more quality sleep and well, here I am with some catching up to do. Because of this I may beak it up, posting the lost weeks of fitness and other miscellanea in separate posts.

Here's the Florida fitness deal:

Monday 22 March
  • Walks X 3, ~ 20 min each
Tuesday 23 March
  • Travel to Florida
  • Ashtanga Yoga; ~ 40 minutes just before bed
Wednesday 24 March
  • Walk, 60 minutes, barefoot on the beach (!!!!)
Thursday 25 March
  • Ashtanga yoga; 40 minutes, sun salutations to the sunrise through the sliding doors and large windows that face the ocean in my room!!! See the photo above for a representative morning. What a way to start the day.
Friday 26 March
  • HIIT/Bodyweight/LHT
  • 60 s each of: Jumping jacks (X 53), Burpees (X 13), Wall sit, Plank, Prisoner squats (X ??), Side plank (Left side), Lunge jumps (X ??), Triceps dips (X 40), Side plank (Right side), Plank, Child's pose
  • unreal, 11 minutes of exercise, < 15 minutes total duration, all done in my room, and all done in when complete
  • Walk ~ 30 min on beach, barefoot
Saturday 27 March
  • Sprinting (on the beach! wore shoes - need some 5 fingers):
  • walk 5 min to warm up
  • 6 X ~ 15 s @ 50% with about 30 s rest between each
  • 6 X ~ 10-15 s @ 75-80% with about 60 s rest between each
  • walk 5 min to cool down
  • Walk ~ 40 min barefoot on the beach
Sunday 28 March
  • Travel back to Edmonton/St. Albert
  • Sprinting from one end of Denver International Airport Concourse B to the other, carrying briefcase!
I'll get last week's fitness posted shortly...one more class to teach this term, and then it's time to make some progress on our research. Until next time.

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