Monday, April 26, 2010

sturdyteam at the 2010 St. Albert MS Walk

Well, we did it; 10 kms in 1:43, including the girls, sick spouse, and the girls' friend from school (who took the photo above). It started out quite gray and cloudy, but we didn't get rain or snow and they were forecasting both. There were a lot of people participating and tons volunteering. It was a great time and we plan to do it again next year for sure. The last time I checked we were over $3,400 in pledges. Thank you to all who donated! Here is the story in photos.
Morning weather.
Let's do this!
Lots of people up early for the walk.
And we're off!
Past St. Albert Place and the Sturgeon River.
Nice scenery on the walk.
About 3 kms in and still smiling.
We're on the right path at least.
Stroll around Lacombe Park Lake.
In the home stretch.
There it is!
Success! Now where's the coffee?
Approval from my former student, Scott, who now works for the MS Society. Irony = lots.
Aren't they cute?
They're the reason why I walk: to find a cure so they don't have to deal with MS.


  1. gorgeous article Chris! I'm all misty at 7:36 in the morning!!

  2. Your girls are gorgeous! And Mackenzie has a great name. ;) Congrats on a successful walk.

  3. Good job Chris and family. Thanks for sharing this with the world!

  4. I love the reason you posted for walking. That really is a great reason, isn't it? Great job to you and the entire family! And good luck with the Copaxone, good choice holding off until the nurse comes. However, I don't think you'll have any problems.