Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week of Fitness and Rest

Kind of an oxymoron of a title but true. I have made, and for the most part, succeeded at getting good, quality rest this week, on the order of 7-8 solid hours. No mean feat given that I have been waking at 6:00-6:30. This has really impacted me, I think, in a positive way. I have also decided to reduce, but not eliminate my caffeine (coffee) intake. Sad but true. I need to aim for low single digits in the number of total cups per day, preferably somewhere in the vicinity of 2-3. So far, so good. I had far less Friday, none yesterday, and 2 espressos today.

Here's the deal for a week of working out etc:

  • very short walks and some strolling while shopping; essentially a rest day
  • Bodyweight/HIIT/LHT60 s each (with about 10-20 s between exercises):
  • Jumping jacks X 57
  • Prisoner squats X 28
  • Burpees X ~15
  • Wall sit
  • Lunge jumps ~ 60
  • Push ups X 26
  • Air squats X 28
  • Triceps dips X 31
  • Plank
  • Side plank (left side)
  • Side plank (right side)
  • Unilateral plank (left leg)
  • Unilateral plank (right leg)
  • Burpees X 10
  • Wall sit
This took about 20 minutes total and I was done, dripping and breathless. I think I will sprinkle the planks throughout the workout next time, because 6 minutes in a row is too much.
  • walk: 20 minutes
  • walk: ~ 70 minutes
  • Ashtanga yoga: ~ 50 minutes at the University of Alberta
  • walk 20 minutes in morning
  • LHT/TUL/SS "Big 5 for Free Weights" in afternoon:
  • Bent over rows X 5.5, TUL = 45 s, 90 lb barbell (too heavy, bad form)
  • Standing overhead press X 4.5, TUL = 50 s, 70 lb barbell (good!)
  • Deadlifts X 13, TUL = 2:11, 70 lb barbell (need more weight!)
  • Squats X 12, TUL ~ 1:20, 90 lb barbell (could use more weight but unloading it is an issue)
I knew that I worked after this, but not the same way as the Bodyweight/HIIT/LHT workout. I think I will have to work on going really slow with great form on these workouts to get good results. I also think that I will add a bodyweight HIIT routine back into my week cause it was just so much fun to kick my butt with it!
  • walk ~ 28 minutes in the evening
  • walk in the morning and in the evening about 25-30 minutes each time
  • brisk-paced walk midday about 25 minutes
  • Sprinting (at the park in the beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon with both dogs; lots of fun)
  • walk to the park ~ 5 minutes to warm up
  • 6 X ~ 50 m @ ~ 50% with about 30-45 s rest between
  • 6 X ~ 50 m @ ~ 75-80% with about 30-45 s rest between (about 13 minutes for all of this)
  • walk home from the park ~ 5 minutes
  • all done in under 25 minutes
This was a fun workout. I didn't wait so long between each sprint, so I likely didn't recover as much as I should have, but the dogs were great and have caught onto the fact that they should run ahead and I should catch them. Libby, too, by the end, which was fun to see. All in all a great week for fitness. I think I'll have to try some sprints on the beach this week in Florida...


  1. Wish I could join you for some sprints on the beach. Well, I will next year. Those are some nice workouts. I've noticed my upper body and legs have gained some muscle. I think I've put on about 5 or 6 pounds of muscle since last summer doing my BBS workouts once per week + weekly sprinting. I've been eating a ton of meat and veggies and lots of FAGE Total yogurt and kefir. Feelin good!

  2. I give you two, three weeks tops before you are back to your usual caffeine intake...