Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stand UP!

Here's my most recent "invention" - a stand-up workstation in my departmental office. I have been using this for about a month and really enjoy it. I encourage all to give this a whirl. There have been recent studies related to the perils of all the sitting we do each day (see Mark Sisson's post here, for instance), so, I got off my keester, literally, and did something about it.
 I finally got around to posting this after seeing similar posts on Richard Nikoley's blog on John Durant's blog and with some prodding from one of my students (thanks to AM for that!).


  1. I recently raised a monitor in my office to standing eye level. I tend to stand at my desk a lot. Having my monitor up high was definitely more comfortable.

  2. This arrangement is okay, but there are some things I need to address. First, I need to fix it so that I have a place to rest my wrists while I type. Second, I would like to get a station that could be raised and lowered to accommodate times when I don't want to stand. As it is now, it is a bit of a pill to switch between standing and sitting.