Saturday, January 30, 2010

Relay day and weekend decompressing

Yesterday I followed the normal weekday SOP:
  • SO seen off to work
  • coffee consumed in adequate quantities (one whole French press + 18 % cream)
  • kids, dogs and me fed, dressed, prepped and then walked to school with the dogs (and then a little more, about 40 minutes)
  • midterm prepped for next Tuesday (thanks for to my TA, JF for the help!)
  • hit the pool for a slow 1,000 m (in 22:57)
  • eat some lunch and some more work back at the office
  • purchase some running shorts for daughter number 1 (for the track meet later on last night) and a sweet pull-up bar (I'll post on that later) for me
  • pick the dogs up and walk to and retrieve the dogs from school
  • get ready and go to the Harrier Relays in Edmonton at the Kinsmen Sport Centre
I'll post some photos later.

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