Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring is here! (For now, at least)

Here's the view from my front window about one week ago.
And here's the view on my walk this morning.

Needless to say the weather has had a hard time making up its mind lately, but it looks like spring is actually here to  stay. I have a fair bit to post about, but for now will just stick to an update on my workouts, post back tweak. I modified my exercise routines and took it easy when my back was stiff/sore and changed my LHT workout to one with dumbbells instead of a barbell. I also took a pass at sprinting on land and instead did a swim sprint workout and skipped my HIIT/Bodyweight workout (lots of jumping around in it). Other than that, and having a couple of extra easy days, all was as normal and now my back is, well, back (to normal). And with no ibuprofen or other meds.

Here's the deal.

Saturday 1 May
  • made some vitamin D on the deck
  • Walk about 1 hr 40 min to the lake (above, different day) and back
Sunday 2 May
  • Walk ~ 30 min
  • PM Yoga ~ 25 min
Monday 3 May
  • Walk 20 min
Tuesday 4 May
  • Yoga, 45 min, Rodney Yee's Energy Balance
  • Walk, 25 min
  • PM Yoga, freestyle ~ 25 min
Wednesday 5 May
  • Walk, 20 min
  • Swim, 1,000 m, 21:14 (much better than the last 2 weeks), 150 yd cool down
  • Walk, 30 min
Thursday 6 May
  • Walk, 20 min
  • LHT/Wicked Awesome Dumbbell Workout
  • One arm (right) neutral grip dead lift, biceps curl up to standing overhead press, Turkish getup, standing overhead press and biceps curl down to one arm deadlift down; repeat on left side
  • Two arm deadlift up, lunge left/right, split squat left/right, two leg squat, two arm biceps curl to standing overhead press, biceps curl down, neutral grip deadlift down
  • Repeated this X 10, first 2 with 2 X 20 lbs dumbbells and the last 8 wit 25 lbs dumbbells; TULs between about 1:30 to 1:50; need to keep really slow but a great workout; may need some heavier dumbbells!
Friday 7 May
  • Walk, 25 min
  • Swim, 1,000 m 21:10 (ish - watch FAIL stopping the timer) plus 50 yd cool down
  • Walk, 25 min
Saturday 8 May
  • Walks, 45 min, 20 min
That'll have to do for now...at least I am one less week behind. Soon I hope to turn to more posts about what I am up to or thinking about besides my workouts. 

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