Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why genetic modification is baaaaa-d: Sheep edition

Normally, the arguments against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) centres around the notion that we should not combine the genes of species that could never occur naturally (at least, this is one of Joel Salatin's main counterpoints). Well, today there is another reason: conventional wisdom, meet genetic engineering. 

In a story reported today in the Edmonton Journal, scientists have apparently modified a sheep such that it produces an over-abundance of supposedly "heart healthy" polyunsaturated fat (PUFAs). This "breakthrough" is ironic, since PUFAs are thought by many to be one of the main causes of modern health issues. Non-GMO sheep, and their saturated fat (that is healthy, by the way) are just fine, thank you, especially when they are raised from start to finish on grass, the way nature intended. 

If you needed ammunition to win an argument against GMOs, this is a good one.


  1. Hi Chris. My name is Edward, and I found your site via a year-old post at Paleo Hacks. I'm sending a message via this blog post because I couldn't find an e-mail link anywhere. Anyhoo, I, too, have MS (diagnosed in 1998), and I noticed your dairy-related post at PH, and how it helped your 'tired'-looking eyes. This may just seem cosmetic and superficial, but I have this, too. How soon after cutting out dairy did you/others notice a change? Dairy is my last hurdle to jump. I don't have much (full-fat cream still), but if it really makes a difference (as I've been reading it does), the case against is mounting for me to cut it out entirely. I'd love to know more of how the no-dairy thing helped, MS-wise. Here's my e-mail: edwardwalton@shaw.ca.

    Love to hear from you,

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