Sunday, March 13, 2011

The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization

This is a very important article just published in an open access source, that clearly, and with all of the appropriate materials cited (including counters to the standard counterarguments), outlines why we as a society are suffering needlessly. It also outlines what can be done about it by identifying patterns of nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle factors that can be easily modified to avoid diseases that are by and large a product of our modern world. I was directed to this paper by Jamie Scott on his blog and Julianne Taylor on her blog (I am sure many others in the blogosphere are commenting on and linking to this very important paper.

And now, following the recommendations in the paper, here's some vitamin D (Melbourne Beach, FL, March 2011; Conference on Comparative Cognition)!

Don't forget the Paleo/Primal approved meal (prime rib, veggies, red wine and dark chocolate @ CO3's banquet honouring Alex Kacelik)!!
Please send this paper to any/all who may benefit from reading it (basically, anyone who hasn't yet read it, Paleo/Primal practitioner or not).

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  1. Thanks for sharing that valuable information. Proper diet always means healthy lifestyle.