Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too many things to post about, too little time!

Breakfast a la Sturdy (Big Coulee Farm egg omelet with asparagus and blueberries).

There too many things to choose from to post about, so I'll start with a shot of a great breakfast from a while back. Some notable happenings include: Meghan's relay team qualifying for the Edmonton Journal Games, Mackenzie getting braces, my wife joining me on a Primal/Lacto-Paleo diet and me trying acupuncture for my knee discomfort. Throw in the normal business of kids busy with school, dance and friends, along with a career for Lisa and I, two dogs that want lots of love and there you have it. Our life in a nutshell. Oh, and throw in an upcoming conference in Florida, some new graduate students admitted into the program and my lab, along with a new course prep (Ancestral Health) for this fall, and the needle is officially at "Full". Actually, it is over filled as there are many cool details I am omitting (or am I sticking my head in the sand?) but I'll get to them eventually. Over the next while I am going to start posting more regularly on various happenings and topics that interest me, but I am going to try to keep each post focussed on one main topic rather than the scattergun approach of this "catch-up" post.
Waiting for the walk (Libby and Finlay).


  1. So why do you choose to do the Primal/Lacto-Paleo diet?

  2. I initially moved to this type of diet after being diagnosed with MS in 2009 and began searching for dietary/lifestyle ways that I could improve my health. I wish I had discovered it earlier without the MS diagnosis. In fact, had I started earlier, there might not have been an MS diagnosis.