Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long time, no post

I need to get back into a rhythm of posting again. I am in a good reading groove, but not so good on the blogging. Of the many things that I have done since the last post was to read Robb Wolf's book.
Paleo Solution
It is a great read. You learn things you never had any idea about with respect to nutrition and exercise and you do it without even realizing it, it's that easy to read.

As for the 100 rep challenge...I kept that going for quite some time - I'd have to check my journal to see how long - but in the end I came to the conclusion that it didn't fit my style. That is to say that one thing I have tried to do is shift my "fitness" program to make it less structured so that it fits our busy lives, so that I don't get stuck in any exercise ruts or feel stupid/useless guilt if I "miss" a workout. Doing 100 reps every day was not in keeping with this plan, such as it is, so I got off that wagon.

I'll close by noting that while the pain in my knee has improved since the initial onset back in the late spring/early summer, it still rears its ugly head more often that I like, so I may have to get some rehab advice from a professional. In defense of my procrastination from seeking rehab, I have managed to at least be sensible and not do sprinting on land (okay, maybe twice) since the pain started. Instead I do intense sprint swimming sessions in the pool. And I have stayed away from weights and crazy high intensity work, too. I miss sprinting with my dogs and the other workout types, too. And while it certainly has helped my knee repair itself, I need to get it fixed up so that I can return to those activities that I have stopped because I really miss doing them.

Enough rambling for now. I better save something to write next time!

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