Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pseudo eggs Benedict, Primal style

They aren't quite traditional eggs Benny (these eggs are over easy with no hollandaise sauce) but they sure were tasty and definitely from the real food category! Included was one ripe tomato, half a package of smoked, wild, sockeye salmon, one green onion and three Omega 3 eggs done over easy (in bacon grease!). The banana that I used to "mop up" the egg didn't make it into the picture, but it did make it into my stomach, and gladly! This was all washed down with some Greg Danks' Coffee (Mexican this morning) and cream. A great start to the day for sure.

Now to figure out something to do for the Victoria Day long weekend with Daughter #1 away with friends camping but with Daughter #2 and her friend hanging out with us. I think some floor tile shopping and a trip to the indoor pool and leisure centre is on the menu.

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