Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three mornings, Three sweet breakfasts

I've been on an steak eating roll since gilling up a bunch of top sirloin on Thursday. And I love eggs. Put the two things together, and this is what you get. Well, the last two photos anyway. Here's the delicious deal.
Friday: Cheddar omelet with kiwi and apple.
 Saturday: Eggs over easy with avocado and rare top sirloin.
Sunday: Sirloin, tomato, green onion and cheddar omelet with strawberries an excellent post HIIT meal.

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  1. Not only great looking meals, Chris, but healthy, too. I boil my eggs so they're alway in the fridge and easy to get at throughout the day. But, I do scramble the kids some breakfast between 6:30am and 7am, and what doesn't get eaten by them becomes mine. And, this is crazy, but I've been craving steak like you wouldn't believe lately...