Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love my food - so here it is!

My kids (and SO, too) think it's funny that I take photos of my meals. She jokes that it to help me remember what I like to eat later in life when I have memory issues. Maybe not a bad plan. I like to post it to show those folks who don't quite get what I am doing with my dietary choices what real food looks like sans grains. I think it looks pretty good!
Cheddar and green onion omelet.
Fish and egg fried quinoa with kim chee and salad.
Fish and egg fried quinoa with kabocha squash.
BBQ beef ribs and salad.
This morning's breakfast: 3 eggs, bacon, strawberries, kiwi and a banana.
Typical BAS for work.
Top sirloin, sweet potato, broccoli and tomatoes.
Full fat (11% milk fat) yogurt.
Fish (BBQed in foil) with kaboch squash, salad and broccoli.


  1. Re: food photos-Ohhhhhh yum! When are we invited to dinner? Where do you get your kim chee? Lisa

  2. The kim chee is from Costco if you can believe it. We can definitely have a dinner party, but it may have to wait until after dance season has ended for the girls.